Tips For Making Your Holiday Travel Worry-Free

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Tips For Making Your Holiday Travel Worry-Free

With the holiday season approaching, it is time to pack your bags, fire up your vehicle and get ready for a fun-filled trip to visit your family and friends. Yet, it always pays to plan before you begin your trip. Here is a look into a few things you can do to help give you stress-free travel experience.

Begin With Plenty of To-Do Lists

The holiday season is when you have a lot of juggling to do. So, it is quite easy to overlook important aspects of a road trip. You can overcome this problem by maintaining to-do lists. These lists will spare you from remembering every detail or mixing up ideas.

Make a list of what you have to bring for your car. Make another list that maintains packing details for the entire family, gifts that need to be wrapped, and emergency items like health insurance cards, flashlights and extra cash that you want to carry.

Make Sure You Have a Car Jack and Locking Wheel Nut Key

Do not start the trip until you have these items in the car. They come handy in case you have a puncture during the travel. The locking wheel nut key helps you remove the punctured wheel and fix the spare one in its place.

Do you think that a recovery vehicle can take the wheel off from your car? Well, remember that you will still need the key for this action. So, the best step you may take is to tow your vehicle to a nearby garage, which undoubtedly delays your trip. So, ensure to have these two items in your car. Store them in a safe location that is easily accessible, as well.

Do Not Commit To Extended Travel Time Each Day

Pit stops during your travel often depend on factors like the length of your route and weather conditions. Making stops every two to three hours during your journey is recommended for moving around, stretching your body, and rejuvenating your mind.

This action will also alleviate the possibility of deep-vein thrombosis, a condition that causes leg pain and swelling. Besides, frequent breaks will also let you enjoy your surroundings and make the trip more interesting.

Check the Engine Oil

The importance of oil can never be overlooked. It provides the essential lubrication for the engine to ensure that it runs smooth. It also cools and cleans the moving parts of the engine. Running low on oil will cause your engine to seize up and breakdown your car. You will also be dealing with hefty bills on replacement parts.

So, check on the engine oil by inserting the dipstick underneath the bonnet. The oil level must lie between the min and max markers. If you are facing challenges in locating the dipstick, consult your vehicle’s handbook or identify it by the ring pull coming out of the engine. If your oil is low, top off your car with the right kind of oil as recommended by the driver’s manual.

Make your holiday travel pleasurable with these checks. These tips help you drive safely, avoid unwanted breakdowns and keep you refreshed throughout the journey. So, begin now for an uninterrupted holiday journey!

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