Quick Tips For De-Icing Your Windshield

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Quick Tips for De-Icing Your Windshield

When the weather is colder outside, you have to fight elements like ice and snow to control your car and drive safely. Hacking away the ice on the windshield in a hurry can be harmful to the glass. It can make matters worse or put a crack on your windshield. So, when you have to go out in your vehicle and de-icing the windshield is absolutely imperative, here’s what you can do:

Make a Glass De-Icer at Home

When you want to remove snow and ice safely from the windshields, you need an effective de-icing spray for this purpose. A de-icing spray is a solution that helps to break the ice and clear off the snow resting on your car’s windshield and other glass.

You can prepare this solution with a few simple things and keep it handy throughout the winter season. Also, store a bottle in your car to de-ice the windshield even when you are away from home. The things you need to make de-icing spray are:

Fill a spray bottle with water and add two to three scoops of salt, preferably road salt, to this bottle. Due to its low freezing point, road salt can work wonders on icy windshields.
Prepare a solution by mixing 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and 30 percent water. This solution has a low freezing point of five degrees which helps melt ice faster.
Apply It the Right Way

Once you prepare the de-icing solution, you need to apply it properly, too. To ensure that, heat your car slowly to melt the ice from the inside. Now, spray the solution on the windshield and allow it to rest for a few minutes. After the ice comes loose, chip it off gently with the help of a windshield ice scraper. Now, wipe it away with a dry cloth or use a soft bristle brush to remove the residues of spray from the windshield.

The Proper Method

With the right process, you can ensure a faster and effective de-icing of the windshield. Start your car and set the heater to defrost. This helps to melt the ice from inside. Also, turn the temperature to full heat until the interiors of the car get heated evenly with warm air.

When following this procedure, make sure to check the tailpipes to find any blockage caused due to melting ice. This blockage can lead to leakage of carbon monoxide, which is harmful to those sitting inside the car.

Don’t Leave Ice on Any Glass

Apart from the windshield, the mirrors and windows of your vehicle also get covered with ice on frosty nights. It is advisable to clear them as well for better visibility when driving. So, when you de-ice the windshield, don’t forget to follow the same process for de-icing other glass as well. Remember, icy windows or mirrors can hinder your view of the roads and increase the risk of collisions.

The best way to avoid costly repairs due to frosty windshields and windows is to keep them covered throughout the nights. And if there is a problem, take your car immediately to a mechanic.

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